Moving to a low carbon Lancashire

22 March 2022

Sarah Kemp, Chief Executive of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) said:

Lancashire has a compelling story to tell when it comes to the energy and low carbon economy. The county has a concentration of low carbon energy assets including nuclear, wind, marine and battery technologies.

There are 5,200 Lancashire businesses operating in the energy & environment sector. These businesses employ 40,000 workers, providing a plethora of high value job opportunities for Lancashire’s young people and adults. In addition to which, it is home to cutting-edge advanced manufacturers and world-leading engineering companies which provide the technical innovation and design expertise which contribute to a unique low carbon ecosystem. All businesses across Lancashire, big and small, will see the impact of the move to a low carbon economy and the opportunities it brings.

Research undertaken by the Work Foundation in partnership with the LEP and the Lancashire Skills and Employment Hub, highlighted a number of skills challenges that the network of Lancashire colleges is aiming to address through the Strategic Development Fund (SDF) Skills Accelerator Trailblazer. The collegiate approach adopted by the colleges is very much welcomed, with a hub and spoke model adopted, and aligned with the specific skills needs of our industry base.

The trailblazer is complementary to the Local Skills Improvement Plan, which is being driven by the Chambers and stakeholders. Together the trailblazers will identify employers’ specific skills needs and enable the colleges and wider provider network to use that intelligence to collectively meet our employers’ skills challenges.

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