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The Myerscough College Ag Net Zero Challenge

Project overview

The Myerscough College Ag Net Zero Challenge is working with farmers and growers to address “What about carbon?” This project attempts to demystify carbon management for farmers and growers and provide solutions for individual businesses to reduce their carbon footprint whilst making efficiencies and improving productivity.

The project will work with wider industry stakeholders for example the finance sector, accountants, veterinary professionals, agronomists, academics to provide a wider industry response to support likeminded employers to reduce their carbon footprint.

An Introduction to the Myerscough College Ag Net Zero Challenge (Video)

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To find out more about the Myerscough College Ag Net Zero Challenge and what we are doing OR if you would like to be a member/ be involved with the new Lancashire Farmer Network.

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Delivery partnership

This project is led by Myerscough College and is an Agri Food project. Myerscough College is the only specialist land-based college in Lancashire. Myerscough College will engage industry experts to ensure that the design and delivery of the project showcases the latest technology.

Project aims

The overall aim of the Ag Net Zero Challenge project is to support farm businesses to take-up low carbon farming practices in line with the Government’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050. We will provide young people and adults with enhanced learning and skills related to low carbon farming practices to support employability and career development.

The delivery of this project coincides with an agricultural transition period where the ‘basic payment scheme’ is being phased out over 7 years. This project will establish a new Farmer Network in Lancashire to enable a platform to share the Myerscough College Ag Net Zero Challenge and the additional industry issues that farmers are challenged with.

This project will deliver continual professional development to enable Further and Higher Education lecturers and work-based tutors at the college to increase their carbon management knowledge and skills.

The purchase of innovative capital equipment by the project will improve the teaching and learning at Myerscough College by giving learners access to demonstrations using the latest technology. Myerscough College will design case studies incorporating the audit results and mitigation measures which will be used to develop curriculum and as part of the wider Landex group of colleges, we will ensure that case studies are shared with colleagues from the other Land based Colleges.


The Myerscough College Ag Net Zero Challenge will complete 10 carbon audits across 10 Lancashire farms. Each audit will be from typical Lancashire farms and of different farm types for example, average dairy, large dairy, finisher beef growing own forages, grower (lettuces/ tomatoes), pig, poultry, upland sheep, arable, mixed farming, large farm with peatland. The results will be demonstrated at 5 Carbon Farm Roadshow (Knowledge Transfer Events). Each event will follow a similar format for example addressing, soil health, animal health, ruminant nutrition, resource management.

Case Studies

Cornthwaite Moors Farm, nr Hambleton
Fishwick Farms, nr Silverdale
Lodge Farm, Bilsborrow


Let’s talk agriculture: Sustainability and carbon management with Andrea Gardner, Myerscough College and Barclays Bank.

“Farmers are continually challenged with change and over many decades have demonstrated their response to adapt. Whilst climate change is a global problem farmers will embrace and respond to this challenge. Carbon accounting provides the agricultural industry with the tools to investigate their own greenhouse gas emissions and options to mitigate and reduce their carbon emissions.”

Andrea Gardner, Head of Agricultural Projects

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