A Sustainable Curriculum for Lancashire

Project overview

Lancashire’s Colleges worked together to audit the FE curriculum, assessing the extent to which sustainable development topics are included within different courses as relevant to the sector-subject area.  This supported the objective to have a ‘sustainable curriculum’ across Lancashire’s Colleges as per the FE Climate Action Roadmap.  The SDF funding was used to pump-prime a much larger and significant piece of work which saw the colleges collaborating in a brand new way, ensuring a pan-Lancashire and more efficient response to this significant challenge.

Delivery partnership

A Sustainable Curriculum for Lancashire was led by Runshaw College working with Burnley College, Lancaster and Morecambe College, Myerscough College and Preston College.

Project aims

Businesses and industry supported the project, helping to inform the audit and the emerging curriculum while students were engaged, helping colleges to understand the sustainability topics which were of most interest to them.  Following the audit, the colleges worked together to identify where existing courses or content could be built into the curriculum and/or modified to suit a particular sector or subject area and modified or new courses developed where there were gaps.

By building sustainability topics into the FE curriculum, Lancashire’s colleges have ensured a pipeline of learners who understand the implications of low/net-zero targets for their chosen sector, bringing a core knowledge and new skills into local businesses.


By 2025 we will have engaged the remaining colleges in the wider programme of work, embedding sustainability into the FE curriculum across Lancashire.

We will have supported at least 1300 learners as a result of the pathfinder work alone, with many more supported through the wider roll-out, extending to more colleges and curriculum areas until every FE learner has a sustainable curriculum.

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