Research & Resources

Lancashire Colleges are committed to the growth of the Lancashire Economy. Through investing in research, we support our colleges to deliver to the Economic and Social Priorities of Lancashire.  Below we have selected a sample of research that we have been involved in and other resources which may be of interest.  To find out more about The Lancashire Colleges Ltd, please view our brochure The Lancashire Colleges brochure 2019.

Courses for unemployed adults at Lancashire’s colleges

We have developed a guide to some of the courses offered by Lancashire’s colleges that can help adults to get into work by becoming more confident, gaining new skills or re-training for a new career. View the Guide to College Courses for Unemployed Adults.

  This guide has been funded by the European Social Fund through the More Positive Together project. The project is managed by Active Lancashire.


Demonstrating the Value of The Lancashire Colleges’ Apprenticeships

This report, produced by Emsi on behalf of The Lancashire Colleges (TLC), demonstrates that apprenticeships delivered by the colleges in Lancashire have a significant positive effect on the Lancashire economy, apprentices’ future earnings and the productivity of the businesses that employ them.

Read the full report here.

This report has been funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

Project Evaluations

Moving On (May 2016 – March 2019) – Final Evaluation

Access to Employment (November 2016 – March 2019) – Final Evaluation

Economic Impact of Lancashire Colleges 2014

Regeneris Consulting was commissioned by The Lancashire Colleges Ltd to assess the economic contribution of the colleges to the Lancashire economy. The study has three main elements of assessment:

  • The economic impact of the colleges through their expenditure in the local economy examining the added value generated by improving the skills of the workforce
  • How the colleges are helping to address the skill shortages of seven key sectors in the Lancashire economy.
  • How colleges are performing and where they are making the greatest contribution to the growth of Lancashire’s key sectors. Read more about this study here.

We Are Lancashire

Lancashire is a dynamic economic region within the North West and the North of England. It has a unique offer to make and a role to play in the Northern Powerhouse. Lancashire’s leading international and national position in relation to aerospace, advanced engineering and manufacturing, energy, higher education institution excellence and visitor economy make it a pivotal part of the long term economic growth of the North. See the Marketing Lancashire Ambassadors video here.